How to Have a Soft and Clean Water at Home
How to Have a Soft and Clean Water at Home

Minerals such as calcium, magnesium are the ones that make our water hard. They leave deposits that clog pipes, stain tiles, and glass, leave residue on skin and hair, and prevent soap from foaming. While there is no confirmed health risk associated with using this water, it is an inconvenience. There are several ways to turn your hard water into soft water.How to Have a Soft and Clean Water at Home


Soften Your Water Right Before Using It


Boil It

You could use boiled water for your household chores such as cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, brushing, washing your hair, and bathing. That is to better the effectiveness of your cleaning products.


  • Boil your water
  • Let it cool
  • You shall see visible particles of lime and these tend to float on the water. Scoop that layer off before using the water.


  • Let the water sit for a little more time so that the particles eventually sink
  • Pour out or scoop the water without disturbing the settled particles
  • Pour away the water that contains the lime.


Use Lime or Washing Soda

Some years back, homes with hard water softened it using lime or washing soda. They would pour water into open large cans and add a little of their choice substance. The water would stand for some days before the top would get drawn for use.


However, owing to the amount of water needed, the method is not common today


How to Have a Soft and Clean Water at HomeUse Washing Soda, Borax or Ammonia

You need to add one of these substances to your water at the same time you are adding detergent. While the water shall not get soft, the mixture used stops the lime from interfering with the detergent hence allowing for lather to form. You need to follow the instructions on the package of the substance before use.


Put 1 pound of washing soda into a ¼ a gallon of boiling water. Once it has cooled, keep this mixture in a closed container. Add two tablespoons of the mixture to 1 gallon of water for cleaning.


Put a ¼ tablespoon of lye in a cup of water. Mix this into a gallon of water



Use a Water Filter Pitcher With Softening Abilities

These are available in stores in different brands. Some of these pitchers provide water softening that helps water and beverages such as tea to retain their aroma and flavor.


Put a Water Softening Filter on the Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Faucets

That enables water to get softened as it flows through the tap. It is the easiest way to get soft water for cleaning. Some of these filter models have got switch-off valves. That means that you can get water from the tap without it passing through the filter.


Install a Water Softener

Install a Mechanical Softener Device That Replaces Hard Water Minerals With Sodium

It is a very effective way to soften that hard water. These softeners increase water heater efficiency, improve the life of your fabrics and other items that are regularly washed , and prevent limescale.


There are many softener units, and they vary in price, effectiveness, and operational costs. Before buying one, you need to test the water it produces.

How to Have a Soft and Clean Water at Home

Install a Magnetic Water Conditioner

This device magnetizes the calcium ions. This alteration prevents them from causing buildups.

A water conditioner is not costly, is easy to operate, and gives you water that is safe for human consumption.


However, conditioners may be ineffective in some areas, and it is not always a guarantee that they shall give you soft water.  The degree at which they soften water is lower than that of mechanical softeners



Softening water reduces the amount of money used on cleaning products. That is because you use fewer products when the water is soft.


Energy bills also reduce because cleaning things becomes easier and mineral buildup is either no more or significantly reduced.


Your pipes and household appliances can also last longer since there are no more hard water mineral deposits.


In as much as softening water comes at a cost, the benefits outweigh the operational costs. Besides that, the savings you make when using soft water offset the costs. Therefore, it is cheaper to soften water than to use hard water.

Choosing the Best Garbage Disposal for Your Kitchen
Choosing the Best Garbage Disposal for Your Kitchen

There are many factors to consider when shopping for a garbage disposal unit.  Clearly you’re going to want a unit with enough power to handle whatever waste you intend on using it for.


This Will Be Paramount

Choosing the Best Garbage Disposal for Your Kitchen

Firstly, you’re going to want to know how sophisticated the grind process is; how many stages of grinding does the unit go through before it sends the waste product into the sewage system or septic tank.


Secondly, you’re going to want to consider the sound pollution you will be entering into your kitchen.  This is normally a major issue for people and some models have sound reducing technologies which can make a huge difference in the sound of the motor and the machine.


Thirdly, you’ll have to decide if you want a continuous feed or batch-feed disposer.  The difference between these two feed options boil down to convenience versus safety and if you want save power or not.  As the name suggests continuous feed runs the moment you turn the power on and don’t stop until you turn the power off, whereas batch-feed disposers only work under specific conditions to avoid mishaps.


Disposal of Garbage and Its Importance


The garbage disposal becomes a very important part of your kitchen routine and your kitchen’s toolset.  We all produce at least some natural food waste from our groceries each week.  Now it’s important to note that those who eat a more healthy natural diet are likely to have a lot more natural food waste for their disposal unit.  If you’re eating chips, candy, soda, and baked goods you’re not going to have much waste vis-a-vis someone who is eating a lot of vegetables, fruit, non-prepared meats etc.  Also those who want to save some money by buying bone-in meats will also want to consider getting a garbage disposal that is strong enough to grind up the bones for you.

Choosing the Best Garbage Disposal for Your Kitchen

As you can imagine making the choice to get a garbage disposal is one where you’re looking for convenience mostly, it is far more easy to dispose of your food waste by simply putting it down the sink, then it is utilizing other catchers maybe a waste bowl while working in the kitchen and then creating your own compost where you’re going to attract insects and other animals, not to mention the unpleasant aroma that is sure to permeate through your home.


Consider the power of the unit, this will be measured in horsepower.  If you’re planning on only putting down some light food waste and you’re the kind of household that doesn’t do a lot of at home cooking or won’t get a lot of use out of the disposal, then you might want to consider a lighter unit which will save you money will your initial purchase  and save you money on the power used while the unit is in operation; however, if you are going to be wanting to put harder materials down or want to be able to demolish meat bones you’re going to want to aim much higher and make the investment to get a powerful motor so that you don’t need to worry about jamming or destroying a lighter model.  Clearly you want your purchased disposer to be powerful enough, so you want to be liberal in your estimate here.


The Feed System


Choosing the Best Garbage Disposal for Your KitchenDeciding on which feed system you want is pretty straight-forward.  What is the chance that somebody either you or another family member is going to put something that shouldn’t go into the garbage disposal, into the garbage disposal?  If you have little kids running around who might put something metal down the drain then it’s going to be a good idea to consider batch-feed because as the name suggests the unit will operate in batches.  Also it is more safe for the people using it because you’re not going to be able to hurt your hands; however, it’s important to note that you’re likely getting a garbage disposal for convenience.


Continuous feed allows you to clean the kitchen as you work, you can simply turn it on and let the water flow.  This is going to cost you some extra money on your water bill, but it will save you a lot of time in the kitchen.  If you have to do waste in batches it will clearly make it so you’re going to spend a lot more time busting up waste rather than doing the cooking.  With a continuous feed powerful disposal unit you can essentially be doing two jobs at once and isn’t that the beauty of technology in the first place?


All of these things are important factors to consider when trying to decide what garbage disposal will be the best choice for your home kitchen.

How to Clean A Shower Head
How to Clean A Shower Head

How to Clean A Shower HeadWhen your shower head gets clogged, it tends to spray unevenly. For free water flow, you need to get rid of these deposits. Here are some ways to do that.


Clean Your Showerhead Using Vinegar

Instead of using harsh cleaning substances, use vinegar to clean up your fixture. Here is how to do it:


Vinegar Simmer

Distilled white vinegar is very effective, safe and cheap



  • Saucepan
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Stove
  • Teflon tape
  • Wrench; to remove the showerhead

How to Clean A Shower Head


  • Check for deposit build up. The presence of deposits causes a discoloration, more so when it has taken some time before the last cleaning
  • Fill your saucepan with a good amount of distilled white vinegar. It should be enough for you to completely immerse the showerhead
  • Using your wrench, unscrew the fixture and put it in the saucepan
  • Place the pan on the fire and allow the contents to simmer for some minutes. The amount of time depends on the quantity of buildup in the head. Keep a close watch on the contents of the pan. Do not boil or subject the saucepan to a boiling flame lest the fixture melts. You must also make sure that the fixture is floating rather than sitting at the bottom of the pan.
  • After the fixture has simmered, and the deposits have got washed off, take it out of the vinegar and rinse it. Screw it back and turn on the water. That ensures that all the deposits have been thoroughly rinsed off
  • Before replacing the showerhead, apply some Teflon tape on the pipe threads. That helps in preventing leakages. Remember to wrap it in the clockwise direction.



Unheated Vinegar


RequirementsHow to Clean A Shower Head

  • Vinegar
  • Bowl
  • Saucepan (for warming alone)
  • Teflon tape



Are you weary of heating up your fixture? You could use this method.

  • Unscrew the showerhead
  • Soak the fixture in a bowl of vinegar for 1 – 2 hours. However, the time depends on the amount of mineral deposits. You may have to soak it for more than 2 hours, probably overnight if the build up is too much.


However You Could Use Warm Vinegar

  • Warm the vinegar
  • Remove it from the fire
  • Place your showerhead in the pan of warm vinegar
  • Leave it for 1 or two hours. Check on it to see how clean it has become. If the results are not satisfactory, let the head stay in for a little longer.


Before replacing the showerhead, apply some Teflon tape on the pipe threads. That helps in preventing leakages. Remember to wrap it in the clockwise direction.

You should also turn the water no to flush out any remaining build-up.

How to Clean A Shower Head

Vinegar And a Plastic Cover

If you do not want to unscrew the fixture, you could use this method. This method is also best suited for fixtures that are of stainless steel, chrome or any other protected metal surfaces.


  • Plastic bag or shower cap
  • String, twist tie or rubber band (to tie the plastic bag onto the head)
  • Vinegar



  • Get a sandwich sized bag or a shower cap that has not lost its elasticity. Pour vinegar into it
  • Pull the wrapping over the fixture
  • Tie it tightly using a rubber band or string. Make sure that it is tight enough. You may want to loop the rubber band or string around the shower arm as well so that the plastic bag or shower cap does not fall off.
  • Leave it overnight and by morning, your shower head shall look as good as new. That is because the vinegar performs intensive cleaning on it.
  • Turn on the water to flush out any remaining build-up. After that, polish the fixture with a cloth.

Rub the Nozzles

There are some showerheads that have got nozzles. They also need to get cleaned. You can deal with the buildup here by massaging every nozzle using your finger. You may also use a toothbrush to give the nozzles a gentle scrub.


I believe that these cleaning tips shall enable you to enjoy your showering experience.

Things to Consider When Buying a Baseboard Heater
Things to Consider When Buying a Baseboard Heater

Things to Consider When Buying a Baseboard HeaterWinter season is coming again, perfect time to decide for your heaters. A god number of heaters available in the market by then.  Introduced again now are the baseboard heater. How these heaters differ from the most common space heaters like ceramic, oil filled, radiant and micathermic. Confused now of what heaters to buy?  So, what are the things to consider when buying a baseboard heater?


Baseboard heater is most preferred by household members. Many buyers have appreciated their heating solutions. This heater does not demand more space, small space will do.


Anyhow some things to remember when buying a baseboard heater.


Wattage capacity. The power wattage of baseboard heater ranges from 500 to 2000 watts.  Note that satisfaction of performance is affected by the wattage requirement of the unit you buy. But, pick one that your value of money is not compromise as well as the heating temperature that is required for your rooms. Should your space is only good enough for 500 watts or translated into around 50 ft. then buy the lower wattage power.


Ensure that you buy baseboard heaters which are encased in metal sheaths and surrounded by aluminium fins. These features of the heaters are intentionally made to facilitate transfer of heat. Henceforth, in quoting for the best kind of baseboard heaters in the market, always see to it that you find them encased in metal sheath and aluminium. Absence of this feature may find you nothing but the poor heaters may be.


Other things to consider when buying a baseboard heater are the quality of efficiency and safe operation other than quiet.  Base board heaters have Things to Consider When Buying a Baseboard Heaterconvection; this convection will draw up the cold air near the floor and warm this up and is eventually release. This makes the room warm.


Note, this heater is operationally friendly. This can be operated in such a way that the convection powered cycle will ensure the desired temperature. And always remember, most efficient baseboard heaters have the capacity to shut off automatically. Absence of this might as well compromise your advantage on the product.


Practically, many buyers opt to buy baseboard heater because they can just mount this underneath windows. The fact that this heater is controlled by the thermostat of the environment they are most likely installed, windows are the recommended areas to install.


This heater is available in either hydronic or electrically supplied your option to make. In addition, these heaters do not over heat. They have automatic safety measures. These products automatically shut off when enough heat is desired.

Therefore, buy baseboard heaters that speak for the quality of the products. It pays to remember the things when buying baseboard heaters than relying much on the power of advertisements. Do not forget, advertisements have the power to make you believe. You must decide for yourself guided by the wisdom shared about baseboard heaters. Rest assured this heater will provide you of the quality and the desired warmth that you and your love one needs.


Types Of Kitchen Faucets
Types Of Kitchen Faucets

When you are planning to buy a Kitchen Faucet it is very important for you to know about it in detail. When we talk about knowing about it there are many things that can be included in it, such as the usage of a Faucet, different sizes, price, brands, and most importantly, the different types of Kitchen Faucets that are available in the market today. Knowing this information will help you in choosing the right one for your beautiful kitchen. It is not easy to explain about all the types of Kitchen Faucets available in the market, as there are many models available and many more coming up each day. But, let us have a look at a few of them.

Here you go…

Types Of Kitchen Faucets

Pull Down Faucet

By using the Pull Down Faucet, you will be able to pull the spray down into the sink. After you pull dowTypes Of Kitchen Faucetsn into the sink you can now use it anywhere in the sink. It is ideal for cleaning vegetables easily.

Pull Out Faucet

With this Pull Out Faucet, you can pull out the spray wand and you will be able to use it even outside the sink. You can easily fill large vessels using this kind of Faucet. While choosing the Pull Out Faucet, make sure to check if it is a 360 degree swivel. This will make it easy for you to use it anywhere around the kitchen sink. Most of them come with this feature, but it is good to check before you buy.

Types Of Kitchen Faucets

Side Spray Kitchen Faucet

One of the most common types of Faucets that are in use these days is Side Spray Kitchen Faucet. This will have a side spray and this adds a new look to your kitchen. Do not go just with the look because this kind of faucet will need more than one hole near the kitchen sink for installation. Keep an eye on it.

Kitchen Faucet with water filterTypes Of Kitchen Faucets

Normally all of us spend many dollars just for water filtration. If you are also one amongst these then it is time you must try this Kitchen Faucet with water filter. The water filter will be installed beneath the sink and you will be able to get pure water for washing your vegetable, cooking, washing dishes and hands. This is for those who are more concerned about hygiene.

Types Of Kitchen FaucetsFaucets with temperature control

You can choose to have a faucet that has just cold water flow, but many would like to have both hot and cold water flow through their faucets. For such kind of people this is the best bet as it has temperature control faucets with both hot water and cold water.

Motion detection FaucetsTypes Of Kitchen Faucets

For those who want to enhance the look of their kitchen and grab the attention of everyone who visits their house, then the best option is Motion detection Faucets. This will automatically detect the motion of the hand or vessels and water flow starts automatically.

You can talk to the salesperson to help you know more about the types of latest faucets available in the market and their usage.

What Are The Types of Thermostats?
What Are The Types of Thermostats?

Thermostats have become a common necessity in many modern homes because of the fluctuating climatic conditions recurrent in the atmosphere. Temperature control is the major issue dealt by a thermostat. However, the ease of access and the functions of a thermostat have increased dramatically. If you are looking for a thermostat, look at the following types to understand their nature and select the appropriate device.

Mechanical Thermostats

What Are The Types of Thermostats?Mechanical thermostats work with the help of mercury to determine the temperature in the building or they depend on bi-metallic strips. These come in varied types but commonly offer either heating or cooling whilst some devices have multiple temperature settings. However, mechanical thermostats cannot shift from heating to cooling automatically and are to be switched manually. This is called as auto change over. These thermostats may not be most desired thermostats but are definitely the most economical devices available in the market. In case of mechanical thermostats temperature settings will come to the set point with a turtle pace and frequent adjustments can turn out to be a bit of headache. When it comes to performance after the temperature settles to the set point there is no grievance for the user which is the reason it is still popular among many homes.

Programmable Thermostats

What Are The Types of Thermostats?Programmable thermostats come with a benefit of setting preset times for temperature control and the device will moderate the temperature according to the setting. This will make the user to spend less time with the device and concentrate on his/her work. These thermostats are available in several variants. The simplest one comes with temperature settings for day and night whereas the intricate devices have adjustable settings according to the desire of the user. However, there is a limitation in the settings as they come with limited number of options. For instance, some thermostats allow weekly schedule which will remain the same forever. The user has to manually rewrite the schedule if he/she desires to change the settings. This is regarded as inconvenience by some people and so they prefer further modifications in thermostats.


Electronic Thermostats

What Are The Types of Thermostats?Digital thermostats contain a LCD display to show the temperature and the desired set point. These are similar to mechanical thermostats the only difference being an elaborate crystal display. Advanced electronic thermostats have more features which can handle auto changeover, multiple stage settings etc. They can manage both heating and cooling. In comparison to mechanical thermostats the required results are attained much quicker. These are compatible with both line-voltage and low-voltage.

Smart Thermostats

What Are The Types of Thermostats?Smart thermostats are also called WIFI thermostats or internet thermostats. These are the most novel innovations introduced into the market. The problems faced from all the other thermostats are easily encountered by smart thermostats. The schedule can be custom made and can be changed innumerous times without even bothering about the capability of the device. They come with a lot of features and hence are a bit expensive when compared to others. However, this is not a matter of concern as energy saved by WIFI thermostats is admirably huge.

Before opting for a thermostat have a consideration about the budget and select the right one. The details mentioned above will serve as a guide to select the appropriate thermostat system.

Zero Gravity in Massage Chairs
Zero Gravity in Massage Chairs

Zero Gravity in Massage ChairsTechnology never stops pleasing the need of people like that a massage chair. Massage chair have been crowding in the market. People have more options to choose from. But for long users of massage chair, they want something new. Yes, technology never fails the desires of people. Introducing the zero gravity in massage chair, the newest feature in massage chair.


Users of massage chair have experienced the common benefits of massage chair in their lives. Well, they know by the fact that massage chair can relieve their pain and stress. This chair has especially designed nodes and rollers to make them feel relax by relief of pain and stress.  For most overworked people, they seek refuge from this facility. Their muscles have been toned down, the pain of their neck, back and shoulder are relief. Should they need their muscle to relax, they will only sit down on the massage chair for 10 to 15 minutes and the amazing result, everything is light and easy.


Have you been pressured to beat deadline for the day and you slouched? Then sit on the massage chair. The chair gives you the right amount of support that your back neck and eventually stretching all those muscles and nerves and you are back in your normal posture.


Through massage chair, users have sought refuge for their irregular blood pressure and poor blood circulation. Then, let the chair does its job. The nodes and rollers’ manipulation of the body’s reflex points allow the release of all sorts of toxins in our body.  Normally, when people submit to human massage, they sweat out. Same with the massage chair, the release of toxins are manifested by the sweat that comes out from the body.


How about this zero gravity in massage chairs work? Simple. This is actually a function of the massage chair which reclines the chair in a point where the user’s legs are higher than their torso. Given this position, the manipulators like the nodes and rollers will be given the way to take a deeper and Zero Gravity in Massage Chairsmore intense massage, giving the users a unique sensation felt by many astronauts known as lift-off.   Most sufferers of varicose vein pain are relieved from this kind of reclining position of the massage chair. In addition to this, by the automated zero gravity function, increase blood circulation of the body is achieved.


In addition to that, this kind of reclining, allows the users weight to be distributed and giving them the feeling light experience or commonly known as weightless state. Consequently, feeling light and easy is more than a relaxing state.


Therefore, should you buy one massage chair for you, look for this zero gravity in massage chairs? This will give you a more amazing and relaxing state. Surely, by owning one with this feature will make your health in good shape amidst the pressure and stress in your day to day life’s activities.