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5 Different Types of Toilet You Might Want to Have

Renovate Your Bathroom  When renovating your bathroom, the toilet might not be the first thing you consider, but it is something that needs consideration along with any other aspect of this room. We all use toilets, but we don’t spend much time thinking about them, so when it comes time to buy a new one, we are often surprised that there are options to be had.

There are basic toilets and high-end toilets that have a variety of amenities and added features that basic toilets simply do not.

Not all toilets are created equal. There are a variety of different types that may simply be different in their design, but also in their level of comfort height and also utility. Depending on your needs and your budget, you can find the toilet option that best suits the needs and wants of you and your family. You might not have thought toilets were complicated, but read on to learn about a few of the different types of toilets available.

 1) Low Flow Toilets

different toiletsThese are most often traditional, two-piece toilets, but they use a fraction of the water that a traditional toilet uses. These toilets reduce the amount of water you use with each flush while still eliminating the waste without the need for multiple flushes.

 2) Two-Piece Toilets

This is the most common type of toilet available. This model involves the separate purchase of the tank and bowl. The two pieces are assembled on location. The pieces are often sold separately, which can allow for some variety of choice in the pieces you choose.

 3) Wall Hung Toilets

This is a less common type toilet, but is great if you are looking to save space in your bathroom. With this type of toilet, only the bowl and handle are visible. The tank is hidden behind the wall.

4) One-Piece Toilets

One-piece toilets are made from a single piece of porcelain and thus requires no assembly for installation. Many people like this type of toilet as there is no seam where the two pieces of the toilet normally fit together, which can be a problem area when it comes to cleaning.

 5) “Smart” Toilets

small bathroomIt seems like everything is “smart” today, but there are so-called smart toilets available that have interesting functionality. You can find tankless toilets that are eye catching and unique. There are cleaning toilets that offer heated seats, a bidet style water spray, and even motion sensored automatic flushing. These toilets are novel and come with higher price tags than more basic models, but for those with the extra cash to spend or with discerning tastes, a smart toilet might be the most attractive option available.

A toilet might seem like, well, just a toilet, but there are actually a number of different types of toilet available on the market. The above described options are but a few of what is on offer. This goes to show that you can truly personalize your bathroom, even down to the last detail, to meet your exacting desires and wants. Whether you want a water-saving and environmentally friendly toilet, or one that offers the luxurious experience of warmth, there is something out there for everyone.

When you are considering upgrading your bathroom, don’t forget one of the most important seats in the house. Toilets come in a variety of shapes and sizes an you can even get luxurious and time saving extras to boot. It may come as a surprise, but there is a lot of choice when it comes to your next toilet. A little bit of research can help ensure that you have the most comfortable “throne” in the neighborhood.

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