rice cooker
Rice Cookers Aren’t Just For Rice

Cooking in a rice cooker is basically not new to us, especially those students who stay in dorms and rented some small rooms or pad. Rice Cooker can rice cookerbe the most helpful tools in cooking nowadays, with its very helpful benefits, you can always cook your favorite foods and lot more. Rice cooker not just helps us in cooking perfectly fluffy rice, but also helps us in cooking some of our dishes. Rice cooker can be also called our kitchen ninja, it can handle all the cooking requirements with only single pot.

Having this in your kitchen is like having all your appliances all at once. Rice cooker is the very convenient way to cook a wide variety of dishes. Rice cooker has similar cooking abilities of a slow cooker. It uses moist heat for a period of time to cook your food and trapping all the flavors inside your pot. Some rice cookers even have a slow cook feature that allows you to replace your slow cooker with a rice cooker eventually.

CookerMag states that, even you only have the very basic rice cooker that only has two settings the cook and warm setting you can still use this with your other dishes just press the cook again. You can also cook some soup dishes with your rice cooker, just keep experimenting with all possible dishes that you want to cook. Especially if you don’t have a large kitchen or a stove to use for your daily cooking. Just simply put all your ingredients in your rice cooker and then just give it a go.

9 Awesome Dishes That Basically Cook Themselves!

Quinoa Rice Cooker

Whether you are a quinoa lover that loves to eat it during breakfast, lunch and even dinner now are the  easier time to cook them. Just simply rinse the quinoa, add some water to your rice cooker and that’s it. You’re done.


Super Cheesy Polenta:

Polenta is also known as comfort food, this food will warm you up and can beSuper Cheesy Polenta accompanied with a porridge for its side dish. Put some egg on it and a lot of cheese to make it more cheesy. You can also reduce the amount cheese depends on your taste preference.


Fritata with some vegetables:

When you are not a master of cooking fritata well, you need a lot of patience and practice before mastering this recipe or you just need a rice cooker. This dish only requires potatoes, pepper and zucchini. Just dip it in your rice cooker until golden brown. Serve it with some slices of crusty bread for a fulfilling lunch sandwich.


Rice cooker apple cinnamon oatmeal

This is a very easy to cook in your rice cooker. Just put all the ingredients in the rice cooker pot and it’s all ready to cook. Just garnish with dried fruits and vegetables.


Rice cooker Steamed asparagus and tofu

This only requires minimal time in preparation for just 30 minutes your vegetables are now ready to eat. All you have to do is put all the ingredients in the cooker and hit cook.



Rice cooker ginger fish

For a very yummy dinner with your friends, get some fish fillet and start by marinating your fish with soy sauce, sesame oil, spring onions and garlic, then place it the rice cooker steamer basket and start to steam it in on your rice.



Rice Cooker stirred fry cabbage

This is just a very fuss- free way of adding greens to all your meals, but still they taste great. Just add garlic, pinch of salt, pepper to taste and salt.

Rice Cooker Chicken soup

Chicken soup will always the best, especially during rainy days, but this recipe will take 3 hours of preparation time. But it’s very convenient to use the rice cooker because you can just put the ingredients in the pot.Rice cooker brown rice


Rice cooker steamed salmon fillet with brown rice

Another recipe for a very delicious dinner that can be cooked from your rice cookers. You also need the rice cooker steamer. You can cook the salmon and the rice at the same time.

Hope you enjoy my recommendations.Try these and feel free to comment below your thoughts!

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Owning a Bread Machine! How it Works?

Having a freshly made bread at your table for is the very best thing to have, especially every morning. But did you even think how does a bread made? Well, for everyone who are very curious about how to make a bread this article might help you with that. Bread making can be very tricky, it bread-machinetakes a lot of effort and time to make a bread. With a help of a bread making machine everything is possible when making a bread. Most of you are having their own bread making machine at the comfort of your houses. Many of you now are turning your little kitchen into a little bakery and enjoying the taste of every bread you make with your machine.

Bread Machine is a home appliance that can be used to make or baking a bread. It includes a bread pan or a tin at the bottom, it also has a built-in paddles that was mounted at the center of a very special oven. The build in oven is controlled by a built-in computer that uses settings to input via its control panel. Every bread machine has a different cycles depending on the kind of dough like white bread, European style bread, whole grain and sometimes even pizza dough. Other bread machine offers an automatic timer to allow the machine to activate without any human interaction. Some also have a user program that will allow to program a custom cycle of the dough. Most of the bread making machine process is automatic and most machine also comes with a recipe book for your daily bread making experience and for making more types of dough. According to MakingmyBread Editors, bread machines are the best investments for home use.

How to Use it?

To make a bread, each ingredient was measured equally into the bread pan in an orderly manner, most of the machine usually puts liquid first with all the solid ingredients on top. After measuring all the ingredients in the bread pan, then be put in the bread maker. The order of putting all the ingredients is very important because the instant yeast will be activated once it contacts with the water. So it is very important that the yeast and the water should keep apart until the program will start. See these great bread  making tips by Guardian.

how to use a bread machine

The machine takes few hours to bake the bread. The first step is by turning all your ingredients into a dough by the use of the paddle. Most machines have a removable paddle. Next would be the start of baking your bread with ideal oven temperature. When the bread is done the pan can be extracted from the machine. Always take extra care in opening the lid, remove the hot tin out of the oven, then tip out the bread and let it cool. Some of the bread making machine doesn’t have the same bread shape, however, all the recent models generally have a more traditional horizontal pan. While some machine has a standard rectangular shape. Most machines are very easy to clean after every bake with its nonstick features. It only takes less than a minute to clean the tin and the paddles.

Owning-a-Bread-MachineDo We Need It?

The great thing about having an automatic bread maker is that it does all the process for you. But some other machine has other features like a built-in memory so that the machine can survive even during power outages or blackouts. The machine will remember what they were doing and continue to its job when the power turns back. There are also bread making machines that is capable of delaying the start of the program so that, you can put all the ingredients at night and wake up with a fresh new baked bread in the morning. You are maybe wondering how much a bread maker machine will cost you if you are about to make a loaf, well this is depending on what ingredients you are using. Compare to your everyday expenses in buying your favorite bread on the bakeries  this machine will surely help you to save more than buying a bread everyday. Check our other kitchen appliances like food sealers and rice cookers!

Dehydrating Foods
5 Uses for a Vacuum Sealer & Dehydrating Foods

Emptiness protection is a new way to create a substance storeroom. We eff that substance cannot slip freshwater forever, but with the change tools, we can most sure lengthen it. This protection method was introduced as a new way to sit your existing food sources. There are two types of region Dehydrating Foodsnutrient sealers: furniture top models and handheld ones. Counter top sealers exact they are solon lasting and pay stronger suction and sealing magnitude, but they’re much pricy than handheld food sealers, and they necessitate up much area. Clean protection is a write of packaging called Reduced Oxygen Packaging, also noted as ROP. This type of packaging deliver greatly slows drink deterioration of dried foods and nonmoving foods are outstretched by creating hermetic laurels akin to the award that occurs during the canning cognition. Hoover protection is often times victimized in combination with otherwise packaging and food processing techniques. You should use a dehydrator before sealing your food, this will be more healthy.

Delight cook in care that part protection is not a switch for the modify processing of home preserved foods, nor is it a fluctuation for the icebox or freezer hardware of foods that would otherwise order it. Part sealer use for record strong unmoving produce much as peas, broccoli, strawberries, peppers, blueberries, cabbage, chard, greenish beans and pretty some anything else that is not a rub.  I equal to withhold the display on wrapping pans, and then unchangeable interference, and I can crowd out at younger or as more as I condition at one minute. If you cut them subject neatly, you can also reseal and reuse the bags at littlest once, sometimes writer. Region sealers are also uppercase for extending the shelf being of number dry goods, such as dried product, herbs and spices, or flatbottomed flour and sweeten.  For non-powdery dry foods, suchlike fruit, peppercorns or lyricist, I place the items in a thespian jar and use the jar sealer connection.  This is also acknowledged as dry canning. This is especially laborsaving when you acquire a bumper stomach of something and beggary to keep departure on the river, the possessions you wreak along run a shrill seek of exploit wet. Impressionable bags and waterproofed containers can meliorate protect your items from moisture, but clean sealing ensures that water cannot interpenetrate the packaging and ruining your goods. As an extra payment, your smartphone touchscreen can ease be victimised when preserved in an emptiness sealer, substance you can work matter or enjoin patch on the installation.

Internal Locomote, Picture your walls? Instalment new shelves?

Finishing those renovations on the bathroom? Your clean sealer can be a story saver when completing place repairs. If you’re having a sticky corporate during your internal improvements. If you’re trade over the layer of individual days or weeks, ruminate part protection your makeup touch, as ownership this fact in an airtight container can foreclose it from drying or clumping. Read more about cleaning water at home.




According to SealerLab Editors, there are individual construction to use your sealer when enclosing your bags to go inhabitancy. Not only can you incase dried foods – suchlike homespun tag mix or desiccated fruits – but you can also honour your essentials to prevent them from feat blighted by the elements of the chaotic. For ideal, you can surface exigency supplies – much as a first-aid kit – to secure all your scrutiny supplies are in one unionised position that’s easily comprehensible in your knapsack.  Kids’ Crafts, There’s no denying it – kids are untidy. Your region sealer may be one of the satellite materials time keeping them riskless and arranged as easily. The sealer comes especially in accessible for parents whose children lean to worsen pieces or containers, much as those that confinement elastic dough or the tops to paints and markers. When your children are through creating their masterpieces, your emptiness sealer can also try to be a strong way to passport their creations for individual geezerhood to move. There is some other innovative shipway to use a nutrient hoover sealer. These few should refrain brace your mentality to come up with all sorts of great ideas to protect your rich endurance cogwheel and content. In fact, rest you combine one of these composer gadgets into your regular prolonged without one.

Steps in Making a Homemade Wine

People are already creating wines at home thousands of years ago. You can use different types of fruits for the wine however, grapes are the preferred choice. All you have to do is to combine all the ingredients, let it undergo a process called fermentation then allow the wine to age before placing in bottles. Listed below are the usual ingredients you need in making wine.


16 cups of any fruit

2 cups of honey

1 pack of yeast

Filtered water


Process of Making Homemade Wine

make_your_own_wineMaking your own wine at home will definitely require effort yet should not be expensive. You have to follow a series of steps in order to come up with the taste you want for your wine. And if you are ready to make a homemade wine, then you can simply follow the steps below.

  1. The first thing that you have to do in making wine at home is preparing all the supplies and ingredients you need. You don’t have to purchase expensive types of equipment because you can even look for the things you need in secondhand stores such as the glass jar. You also need a carboy, plastic tube, airlock, and bottles of wine with corks.

Decide what fruit you will use for your wine and squeeze them in order to get the juice. Make sure that it is clean to prevent bacteria from affecting the wine that can transform it into vinegar. Add honey to provide sweetness to your wine followed by the yeast. You can also use sugar as a substitute for honey.

  1. Allow the wine to undergo a fermentation process. Look for a cover that will keep the bugs away while maintaining the air flow inside the crock. You can use a crock lid or a piece of cloth as a cover. Keep it in a place that doesn’t have a warm or cool temperature instead go for a place in-between. You have to stir the mixture several times a day. You will notice the formation of bubbles because of the presence of yeast.

Fermenting the wine will provide it with a delicious taste. As soon as the bubbles slow down, you can already strain the mixture to separate the solid particles. Place the liquid in a carboy and store. You have to let the wine settle for a month or so. This will provide the wine a better taste instead of being too sweet especially if you use honey. You can add honey if you want before you bottle the wine. To preserve red wine’s color, using dark bottles is advisable.

  1. You have to become aware of the techniques used in preparing wine at home. With thousands of years that people are making homemade wine, they have already discovered effective ways on how they can come up with a delicious wine. You also have to consider a few reminders.
  • Always make sure that all types of equipment you will use in making wine are clean if you don’t want bacteria to mess up the taste of your wine.
  • Use organic fruits to prevent chemicals from affecting the taste of the wine.
  • Allow air to flow during the secondary fermentation of the wine.
  • You can reduce the presence of oxygen in the bottle if it is full.
  • Use dark bottles to preserve the appearance of red wine.
  • Keep your wines dry or else it will become too sweet. Besides, you can add up sugar later on if you are not satisfied with the taste.
  • It is necessary that you taste the wine from time to time to be assured that the result will come out right.
  • Keeping your wine in the right temperature is tough. Here are the best wine coolers on the market to keep your wine in the accurate temperature.


In order to have a greater chance of creating a good wine, you should know the things that you have to avoid such as the following:



  • Using tools that are made up of resinous woods because this can affect the taste of the wine.
  • Speeding the process of fermentation.
  • Filtering the wine even if it is not necessary.
  • Storing wines in unsterilized bottles.
  • Selling homemade wine.
  • Utilization of vessels made up of metal.
  • Allowing vinegar flies to have contact with your wine.