Choosing the Best Garbage Disposal for Your Kitchen
Choosing the Best Garbage Disposal for Your Kitchen

There are many factors to consider when shopping for a garbage disposal unit.  Clearly you’re going to want a unit with enough power to handle whatever waste you intend on using it for.


This Will Be Paramount

Choosing the Best Garbage Disposal for Your Kitchen

Firstly, you’re going to want to know how sophisticated the grind process is; how many stages of grinding does the unit go through before it sends the waste product into the sewage system or septic tank.


Secondly, you’re going to want to consider the sound pollution you will be entering into your kitchen.  This is normally a major issue for people and some models have sound reducing technologies which can make a huge difference in the sound of the motor and the machine.


Thirdly, you’ll have to decide if you want a continuous feed or batch-feed disposer.  The difference between these two feed options boil down to convenience versus safety and if you want save power or not.  As the name suggests continuous feed runs the moment you turn the power on and don’t stop until you turn the power off, whereas batch-feed disposers only work under specific conditions to avoid mishaps.


Disposal of Garbage and Its Importance


The garbage disposal becomes a very important part of your kitchen routine and your kitchen’s toolset.  We all produce at least some natural food waste from our groceries each week.  Now it’s important to note that those who eat a more healthy natural diet are likely to have a lot more natural food waste for their disposal unit.  If you’re eating chips, candy, soda, and baked goods you’re not going to have much waste vis-a-vis someone who is eating a lot of vegetables, fruit, non-prepared meats etc.  Also, those who want to save some money by buying bone-in meats will also want to consider getting a garbage disposal that is strong enough to grind up the bones for you.

Choosing the Best Garbage Disposal for Your Kitchen

As you can imagine making the choice to get a garbage disposal is one where you’re looking for convenience mostly, it is far more easy to dispose of your food waste by simply putting it down the sink, then it is utilizing other catchers maybe a waste bowl while working in the kitchen and then creating your own compost where you’re going to attract insects and other animals, not to mention the unpleasant aroma that is sure to permeate through your home.


Consider the power of the unit, this will be measured in horsepower.  If you’re planning on only putting down some light food waste and you’re the kind of household that doesn’t do a lot of at home cooking or won’t get a lot of use out of the disposal, then you might want to consider a lighter unit which will save you money will your initial purchase  and save you money on the power used while the unit is in operation; however, if you are going to be wanting to put harder materials down or want to be able to demolish meat bones you’re going to want to aim much higher and make the investment to get a powerful motor so that you don’t need to worry about jamming or destroying a lighter model.  Clearly you want your purchased disposer to be powerful enough, so you want to be liberal in your estimate here.


The Feed System


Choosing the Best Garbage Disposal for Your KitchenDeciding on which feed system you want is pretty straight-forward.  What is the chance that somebody either you or another family member is going to put something that shouldn’t go into the garbage disposal, into the garbage disposal?  If you have little kids running around who might put something metal down the drain then it’s going to be a good idea to consider batch-feed because as the name suggests the unit will operate in batches.  Also, it is safer for the people using it because you’re not going to be able to hurt your hands; however, it’s important to note that you’re likely getting a garbage disposal for convenience.


The contuniuous feed allows you to clean the kitchen as you work, you can simply turn it on and let the water flow.  This is going to cost you some extra money on your water bill, but it will save you a lot of time in the kitchen.  If you have to do waste in batches it will clearly make it so you’re going to spend a lot more time busting up waste rather than doing the cooking.  With a continuous feed powerful disposal unit you can essentially be doing two jobs at once and isn’t that the beauty of technology in the first place?


All of these things are important factors to consider when trying to decide what garbage disposal will be the best choice for your home kitchen.