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Rice Cookers Aren’t Just For Rice

Cooking in a rice cooker is basically not new to us, especially those students who stay in dorms and rented some small rooms or pad. Rice Cooker can rice cookerbe the most helpful tools in cooking nowadays, with its very helpful benefits, you can always cook your favorite foods and lot more. Rice cooker not just helps us in cooking perfectly fluffy rice, but also helps us in cooking some of our dishes. Rice cooker can be also called our kitchen ninja, it can handle all the cooking requirements with only single pot.

Having this in your kitchen is like having all your appliances all at once. Rice cooker is the very convenient way to cook a wide variety of dishes. Rice cooker has similar cooking abilities of a slow cooker. It uses moist heat for a period of time to cook your food and trapping all the flavors inside your pot. Some rice cookers even have a slow cook feature that allows you to replace your slow cooker with a rice cooker eventually.

CookerMag states that, even you only have the very basic rice cooker that only has two settings the cook and warm setting you can still use this with your other dishes just press the cook again. You can also cook some soup dishes with your rice cooker, just keep experimenting with all possible dishes that you want to cook. Especially if you don’t have a large kitchen or a stove to use for your daily cooking. Just simply put all your ingredients in your rice cooker and then just give it a go.

9 Awesome Dishes That Basically Cook Themselves!

Quinoa Rice Cooker

Whether you are a quinoa lover that loves to eat it during breakfast, lunch and even dinner now are the  easier time to cook them. Just simply rinse the quinoa, add some water to your rice cooker and that’s it. You’re done.


Super Cheesy Polenta:

Polenta is also known as comfort food, this food will warm you up and can beSuper Cheesy Polenta accompanied with a porridge for its side dish. Put some egg on it and a lot of cheese to make it more cheesy. You can also reduce the amount cheese depends on your taste preference.


Fritata with some vegetables:

When you are not a master of cooking fritata well, you need a lot of patience and practice before mastering this recipe or you just need a rice cooker. This dish only requires potatoes, pepper and zucchini. Just dip it in your rice cooker until golden brown. Serve it with some slices of crusty bread for a fulfilling lunch sandwich.


Rice cooker apple cinnamon oatmeal

This is a very easy to cook in your rice cooker. Just put all the ingredients in the rice cooker pot and it’s all ready to cook. Just garnish with dried fruits and vegetables.


Rice cooker Steamed asparagus and tofu

This only requires minimal time in preparation for just 30 minutes your vegetables are now ready to eat. All you have to do is put all the ingredients in the cooker and hit cook.



Rice cooker ginger fish

For a very yummy dinner with your friends, get some fish fillet and start by marinating your fish with soy sauce, sesame oil, spring onions and garlic, then place it the rice cooker steamer basket and start to steam it in on your rice.



Rice Cooker stirred fry cabbage

This is just a very fuss- free way of adding greens to all your meals, but still they taste great. Just add garlic, pinch of salt, pepper to taste and salt.

Rice Cooker Chicken soup

Chicken soup will always the best, especially during rainy days, but this recipe will take 3 hours of preparation time. But it’s very convenient to use the rice cooker because you can just put the ingredients in the pot.Rice cooker brown rice


Rice cooker steamed salmon fillet with brown rice

Another recipe for a very delicious dinner that can be cooked from your rice cookers. You also need the rice cooker steamer. You can cook the salmon and the rice at the same time.

Hope you enjoy my recommendations.Try these and feel free to comment below your thoughts!

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