Steps in Making a Homemade Wine

People are already creating wines at home thousands of years ago. You can use different types of fruits for the wine however, grapes are the preferred choice. All you have to do is to combine all the ingredients, let it undergo a process called fermentation then allow the wine to age before placing in bottles. Listed below are the usual ingredients you need in making wine.


16 cups of any fruit

2 cups of honey

1 pack of yeast

Filtered water


Process of Making Homemade Wine

make_your_own_wineMaking your own wine at home will definitely require effort yet should not be expensive. You have to follow a series of steps in order to come up with the taste you want for your wine. And if you are ready to make a homemade wine, then you can simply follow the steps below.

  1. The first thing that you have to do in making wine at home is preparing all the supplies and ingredients you need. You don’t have to purchase expensive types of equipment because you can even look for the things you need in secondhand stores such as the glass jar. You also need a carboy, plastic tube, airlock, and bottles of wine with corks.

Decide what fruit you will use for your wine and squeeze them in order to get the juice. Make sure that it is clean to prevent bacteria from affecting the wine that can transform it into vinegar. Add honey to provide sweetness to your wine followed by the yeast. You can also use sugar as a substitute for honey.

  1. Allow the wine to undergo a fermentation process. Look for a cover that will keep the bugs away while maintaining the air flow inside the crock. You can use a crock lid or a piece of cloth as a cover. Keep it in a place that doesn’t have a warm or cool temperature instead go for a place in-between. You have to stir the mixture several times a day. You will notice the formation of bubbles because of the presence of yeast.

Fermenting the wine will provide it with a delicious taste. As soon as the bubbles slow down, you can already strain the mixture to separate the solid particles. Place the liquid in a carboy and store. You have to let the wine settle for a month or so. This will provide the wine a better taste instead of being too sweet especially if you use honey. You can add honey if you want before you bottle the wine. To preserve red wine’s color, using dark bottles is advisable.

  1. You have to become aware of the techniques used in preparing wine at home. With thousands of years that people are making homemade wine, they have already discovered effective ways on how they can come up with a delicious wine. You also have to consider a few reminders.
  • Always make sure that all types of equipment you will use in making wine are clean if you don’t want bacteria to mess up the taste of your wine.
  • Use organic fruits to prevent chemicals from affecting the taste of the wine.
  • Allow air to flow during the secondary fermentation of the wine.
  • You can reduce the presence of oxygen in the bottle if it is full.
  • Use dark bottles to preserve the appearance of red wine.
  • Keep your wines dry or else it will become too sweet. Besides, you can add up sugar later on if you are not satisfied with the taste.
  • It is necessary that you taste the wine from time to time to be assured that the result will come out right.
  • Keeping your wine in the right temperature is tough. Here are the best wine coolers on the market to keep your wine in the accurate temperature.


In order to have a greater chance of creating a good wine, you should know the things that you have to avoid such as the following:



  • Using tools that are made up of resinous woods because this can affect the taste of the wine.
  • Speeding the process of fermentation.
  • Filtering the wine even if it is not necessary.
  • Storing wines in unsterilized bottles.
  • Selling homemade wine.
  • Utilization of vessels made up of metal.
  • Allowing vinegar flies to have contact with your wine.

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