What Are The Types of Thermostats?
What Are The Types of Thermostats?

Thermostats have become a common necessity in many modern homes because of the fluctuating climatic conditions recurrent in the atmosphere. Temperature control is the major issue dealt by a thermostat. However, the ease of access and the functions of a thermostat have increased dramatically. If you are looking for a thermostat, look at the following types to understand their nature and select the appropriate device.

Mechanical Thermostats

What Are The Types of Thermostats?Mechanical thermostats work with the help of mercury to determine the temperature in the building or they depend on bi-metallic strips. These come in varied types but commonly offer either heating or cooling whilst some devices have multiple temperature settings. However, mechanical thermostats cannot shift from heating to cooling automatically and are to be switched manually. This is called as auto change over. These thermostats may not be most desired thermostats but are definitely the most economical devices available in the market. In case of mechanical thermostats temperature settings will come to the set point with a turtle pace and frequent adjustments can turn out to be a bit of headache. When it comes to performance after the temperature settles to the set point there is no grievance for the user which is the reason it is still popular among many homes.

Programmable Thermostats

What Are The Types of Thermostats?Programmable thermostats come with a benefit of setting preset times for temperature control and the device will moderate the temperature according to the setting. This will make the user to spend less time with the device and concentrate on his/her work. These thermostats are available in several variants. The simplest one comes with temperature settings for day and night whereas the intricate devices have adjustable settings according to the desire of the user. However, there is a limitation in the settings as they come with limited number of options. For instance, some thermostats allow weekly schedule which will remain the same forever. The user has to manually rewrite the schedule if he/she desires to change the settings. This is regarded as inconvenience by some people and so they prefer further modifications in thermostats.


Electronic Thermostats

What Are The Types of Thermostats?Digital thermostats contain a LCD display to show the temperature and the desired set point. These are similar to mechanical thermostats the only difference being an elaborate crystal display. Advanced electronic thermostats have more features which can handle auto changeover, multiple stage settings etc. They can manage both heating and cooling. In comparison to mechanical thermostats the required results are attained much quicker. These are compatible with both line-voltage and low-voltage.

Smart Thermostats

What Are The Types of Thermostats?Smart thermostats are also called WIFI thermostats or internet thermostats. These are the most novel innovations introduced into the market. The problems faced from all the other thermostats are easily encountered by smart thermostats. The schedule can be custom made and can be changed innumerous times without even bothering about the capability of the device. They come with a lot of features and hence are a bit expensive when compared to others. However, this is not a matter of concern as energy saved by WIFI thermostats is admirably huge.

Before opting for a thermostat have a consideration about the budget and select the right one. The details mentioned above will serve as a guide to select the appropriate thermostat system.